STEP 1: Water Treatment

Treatment center mixes coagulants with water to make small particles stick together and then uses sedimentation & filtration to separate the polluted substances.

STEP 2: Disinfection

Chlorine and Chloramines are added to water as disinfecting agents to kill water-borne bacteria right before they are stored in tanks ready for use. Reactions between chlorine and organic material create trihalomethanes.

STEP 3: Water Delivery

Water is transported through piping system and delivered to household. Water additionally picks up rust and pipe containment before reaching your faucets.

STEP 4: Aroma Sense Filtration

Water surges through your Aroma Sense shower head. Upon contact, the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) reacts with chlorine to form a safer compound that won’t dry out your hair and skin. Natural oils are also released into the water.

STEP 5: Microfiber Filtration

The water then passes through the micro fabric filter where large particles and pipe contaminants are filtered out.

STEP 6: Clean Vitamin C Shower Water

Water is then propelled through high pressure spouts that is particle free and enhanced with vitamin C to release a pure and enticing fragrance in the shower.


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