How to install the shower head

Handheld Type

1. Turn off the faucet.

2. Separate shower head from hose by twisting counter clockwise.

3. Assemble new shower head on the hose by turning it clockwise and fasen until tight.

4. In case water leakage is found between a shower head and a hose, fasten items after putting the enclosed O-ring inside the hose.

Fixed Type

1. Turn off the faucet.

2. Separate old shower head from wall fixture by turning counterclockwise. Please make sure to hold onto the shower head while twisting. Use pliers wrench if existing shower fixture cannot be twisted off by hand.

3. Assemble new wall mount shower head by turning clockwise, and fasten until tight. In case water leakage is found between the wall mount shower head and the tubing fixture, make sure to fasten shower head with the O-Ring enclosed

When to replace AROMa SENSE vitamin C CArtridges

Handheld Type

Fixed Type


  • Replace cartridge when yellow color inside cartridge turns clear
  • Check cartridge if you cannot smell aroma when in use.
  • Each cartridge lasts about 40~60 days depending on usage.

How to replace AROMA SENSE Vitamin C filter

Handheld Type

1. Unwind the top handle part of the shower head by turning it to the left and remove the used filter.

2. Insert a new cartridge back in place and assemble in reverse order

Fixed Type

1. Unwind shower head cap by turning counter clock wise. Please make sure to hold bottom of the shower head to avoid dropping the shower head components.

2. Insert a new cartridge back in place and assemble in reverse order.

How to Increase the strength of Vitamin C Filter

Handheld Type

1. Remove the sticker before using.

2. If No aroma fragrance come drill a hole on top of the filter with a sharp pin.

Fixed Type

1. Check to make sure the top of the vitamin C filter is unopened.

2. Slowly turn counterclockwise to open filter. Adjust according to personal preference for strength and exposure of aroma and vitamin C. * Please do not turn more than twice.

How to clean micro fabric and watering plate

4. Wash spray plate in running water.     5. Place spray plate inside cap, insert-O-ring and assemble.     6. Check flow of water.

1. Turn cap to open.     2. Separate spray plate from water cap.     3. Wash micro fabric filter in running water.

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